Past: Lola / Quiet Places

Quiet Places by Lola opened April 3rd 

Lola is a contemporary artist who is best known for her intensely vibrant abstractions. Her previous work was an exploration of layered forms and bright hues. The compositions elicited joy. With each body of work, there is an evolution. Her new series Quiet Places is the former deconstructed. Instead of a multitude of stacked shapes, the forms are simpler and the colors more subdued. The compositions are tied together by the use of a shadowy overlay. Quiet places invites the viewer to embrace feelings of serenity and tranquility. A common philosophy she consistently adheres to is the desire to evoke positive feelings through the use of color. Lola has always used tinted resin for this intent. Resin has a high gloss finish, when combined with rich pigments the medium harmoniously captures her vision. Lola works on a raised horizontal plane, allowing the resin to spill over and collect into drips. The drips have become signature to her work. Each finished piece goes beyond the intended composition. When looking at the sides, the viewer is pleasantly surprised by the gravity defying drips. Not only do the drips offer a unique frame, they also reveal a secret where one can almost discern which color was poured first. This element furthers her commitment to create work that inspires “all around” good feelings.