by Kathleen McCloud

Opens June 2021

Now representing Jeff Metz

Jeff Metz just joined our gallery. His works are now on display at GF Contemporary
stop by to see them before they're sold! In the meantime, enjoy these images.

Jeff Metz Serpentine, 2021 Indiana limestone 12 x 17 x 11 in $8,000


Michael Hudock's work featured at Albuquerque Museum

Michael Hudock, an abstract artist whose work focuses on the pulsing urban environment, will exhibit his paintings at the 27th Annual ArtsThrive Fundraiser for the Albuquerque Museum. Michael, along with numerous other artists in 3D, large-scale works, and jewelry, will participate in this art exhibition and benefit. To support this event, visit the Albuquerque Museum's website.

See all of Michael Hudock's available work here.


Museum Show featuring Brian Singer

Artist and designer Brian Singer is featured in a group show at the Museum of Design in Atlanta, Georgia. This exhibition, titled Text Me: How We Live in Language runs from September 17, 2017 - February 4, 2018. Brian's work, which heavily relies on the written word and how it can be interpreted, is meticulously crafted to express color, shape, movement, and space.

Text Me focuses on how "the individual component of language—text—is the prime vehicle used to express the experiences of our existence—from minor moments of daily life to the grand nature of the human condition. Our ancestors as far back as the cave man have been using symbols to document and record experiences.

"Today, the visualization of our personal stories is an integral and essential part of nearly every moment of life, and we use text in all of its forms to define reality, emotions and even time itself. We are now living in a world wherein the condition of our visual communication reflects the condition of our culture. This exhibition is an attempt to organize, express, translate and reflect both how we live in language and how language now defines our lives." Further information about the exhibit can be found on the MODA website.

See all of Brian's available works here.