GF Contemporary is a dynamic space that celebrates the diverse spectrum of artistic expression, showcasing works from artists who emphasize meticulous craftsmanship to those who explore profound conceptual narratives. Our collection is as varied and rich as the human experience itself, encompassing pieces that delve into serious introspection, evoke joy and whimsy, and everything in between.

We believe that art is a powerful communicator of emotion, a catalyst for thought, and a bridge between cultures and perspectives. Our gallery is committed to providing a platform for artists to share their unique voices and for audiences to engage in meaningful dialogues with the artwork and with each other.

From sculptures that capture the essence of form and movement to paintings that stir the soul, from installations that challenge the status quo to mixed media pieces that push the boundaries of creativity – GF Contemporary is a testament to the transformative power of art.

At our core, we are passionate about fostering an inclusive and accessible art community. We welcome seasoned collectors, first-time buyers, and casual observers alike, inviting everyone to explore, appreciate, and be inspired by the remarkable world of art we have curated. In essence, GF Contemporary is more than a space to display art; it's a vibrant ecosystem where creativity thrives, ideas are exchanged, and human emotions find a visual language.

Created in 2009 by Deborah Fritz, and located on the iconic art hub of Canyon Road in Santa Fe, GF Contemporary focuses less on representational art and more on medium-driven process-based art. Always innovative and fresh, GF Contemporary is constantly bringing in new artworks so there is always something exciting to see. 


“At GF Contemporary we understand that acquiring art can be a passionate process that occurs between the collector, artist and gallery. We strive to create a remarkable, ongoing collaboration between those forces. Our ultimate objective is for the collector to feel engaged in a long lasting relationship that will result in a life enriched by fine art and the camaraderie of the collecting process,” states Deborah Fritz. “We would love to participate with you in your personal art journey.”

Corporate Art Collection

GF Contemporary provides small and large companies with tailor-made Art Collection management, including:

Definition of an Identity for the Collection – expressing Core Values of the Business

Sourcing, negotiation and purchase of works

Logistical Management: shipping, insurance, framing, hanging, conservation etc.

Collection Integration: in-office art tours/events for clients or staff, documentation, catalogue

A well curated art collection can provide a unique client experience and differentiate your company

Art in the work place is proven to facilitate communication between employees and stimulate productivity

Private Sales

GF Contemporary provides a tailor-made brokerage service for clients wishing to privately buy artwork and we place importance on:

100% confidentiality

Private Provenance

Due diligence for authenticity

A close network of collectors and trusted art advisors

Our current clients include some of the most important private collections, art funds and foundations in Europe

Our fees are included in the sale price and only charged in case of sale


GF Contemporaryis committed to giving back our skills and resources to projects that benefit the community in which we live and work. We continually welcome new opportunities to contribute by:

Helping to direct client art donations to local charities.

   Developing and organizing art sales, auctions and special events to benefit local causes.

Contributing our time and expertise to develop archive and art exhibits for non-profit organizations.

   Serving on various museum and arts organization boards around the city. 


Deborah Fritz (FOUNDER/Owner)

Gallery owner Deborah Fritz grew up in Los Alamos, New Mexico. At the University of New Mexico, she received a BFA in both Psychology and Art Studio. Her original intent was to work as an artist in Santa Fe but soon she developed entrepreneurial and business directions, resulting in opening her first gallery on Santa Fe’s famed Canyon Road in 2001. Giacobbe-Fritz Fine Art a venture with her sister and business partner, Kimberly Giacobbe. Eight years later and with the success of the first gallery, Deborah opened GF Contemporary, also on Canyon Road. In 2018, she opened a third gallery in Santa Fe’s Railyard, galleryFRITZ. A committed leader and volunteer, Deborah has served on various non-profits boards, including ARTsmart and collaborated on projects with SITE Santa Fe and Creative Santa Fe.
 Consistently engaged in the Santa Fe art world, she joined the Museum of New Mexico Foundation Business Council, Opera Business Council and served as Vice President of the Santa Fe Art Gallery Association. Through her galleries, Deborah has cultivated an international clientele, placing art throughout the world. Each of her galleries has a different focus: Giacobbe-Fritz Fine Art represents traditional and representational fine art. GF Contemporary specializes in modern, contemporary, and emerging artists, with a stable of top shelf artists working in a variety of media: sculpture, painting, and print. And galleryFRITZ, her newest project, concentrates on engaging contemporary, conceptual and experimental art, new media and digital art.


Stephen is a visual artist and gallery director who has made his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico after over two decades in New York City. Born in Ireland in 1976, Stephen moved to the United States as a young adult and quickly established himself as a respected presence on the art scene in New York.


While earning his masters degree in fine arts from Brooklyn City College (2008), Stephen worked with the KSArt Gallery located in Tribeca. His experience there proved invaluable, solidifying his commitment to promoting creativity and artistic expression through curation of exhibitions. For several years he was involved with numerous innovative shows while pushing boundaries within emerging contemporary art practices.


In 2018, Stephen relocated to Santa Fe where he now serves as Director at GF Contemporary.

Elizabeth Geier (Gallery Assistant)

Elizabeth Geier was born in 1980 in New York City, but spent the majority of her childhood in Montezuma, New Mexico living on the campus of the United World College. Until recently, her career was devoted to international public health.  She has a B.A. in Global Studies from the Global College of Long Island University and a Master of Sciences in International Health from the TropEd Erasmus Mundus Programme.  She spent 13 years working overseas for CARE International, the American Refugee Committee, and various other nonprofits focused mostly on mother and child health in Asia, Africa and Latin America.


In each of the countries where Elizabeth worked and lived she explored art as a way in to learn about the culture and history of the place.  Since moving back to New Mexico, she has shifted her focus to the arts. Elizabeth was the Volunteer Coordinator for the 2021 International Folk Art Market and now devotes time to her own art practice.  


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