Pascal Pierme - Explorations

 “A painting is a dream for me, an image. A 3D sculpture is a fact,” Pascal Pierme said in a recent interview, “I want to navigate gently in the in-between, between doubts and certitudes.” In his recent work shown at GF Contemporary, Pierme exhibits new series of mahogany wooden sculptures. These current works certainly linger in the in-between, they hang on walls as 3D facts that render the motion and play of 2D mark making. Works are, in some respects, at once abstract and autobiographical. As a young boy in the south of France, Pierme recalls the influence of his grandfather, an artist himself who worked with wood. Between now and then, between Saint-Raphaël and Santa Fe where Pierme has now resided for many years, wood seems to be a locus of nostalgia and invention simultaneously. Still dedicated to the promise of wood sculpture and its very materiality, its texture, tendencies, and fragrance, completed works retain the artist’s own enduring sentiment and memory.