Upcoming: "Nothing is Going as Planned, but Everything is as it's Supposed to Be"

Discover the Evolving Art of Lola: "Nothing is Going as Planned, but Everything is as it's Supposed to Be


Opening Friday July 7, 2023 5pm - 7pm


Experience the world of art through the eyes of Lola with her new exhibition “Nothing is Going as Planned, but Everything is as it’s Supposed to Be”. This powerful and captivating collection features 12 new resin pieces that explore the concept of evolution and transformation. Through her artwork, Lola invites viewers on a journey of self-discovery and exploration. 


Lola reflects on her creative process saying, “I am starting to see a pattern with my work. It is one of construction to deconstruction to reconstruction. But then back to the beginning where I stand before a white panel considering my first colorful pour. This path leads to a constant discovery, a new evolution. The evidence is in the colors. Sometimes the layering is a spontaneous exercise while other times it is an experiment in composition. It is an intuitive process. It is the only way I know. And it is the only way to get to where I’m going." 


This stunning display will be on display at GF Contemporary from July 7th until July 21st so don't miss out! Come explore the artistry of Lola for yourself and discover something new every time you visit!