Past: Gigi Mills - Bodies of Water.

In a world saturated with captivating visual effects, the ubiquitous presence of Instagram influencers, and an incessant stream of images vying for our attention, it can be challenging to find those images that once filled our imaginations with awe and wonder. When seeking answers to the inscrutable, or attempting to understand the mysteries of the world, many of us turn to art or science for guidance. We hope these disciplines may shed light on the enigmatic or offer a glimpse into the ethereal realm of angels' voices.

However, as we embark on this quest for understanding, we soon realize that easy answers are not readily available. And according to Gigi Mills, perhaps they shouldn't be. Rather than seeking to have the unexplained revealed to us, Mills encourages us to delve deeper into our confusion. She invites us to confront the depths of our beliefs and guiding principles, peering beneath the surface to uncover what lies there.

Mills urges us to look directly into the event horizon, where the boundaries between the known and unknown blur, and to embrace the profound sense of longing and loneliness that resides within each of us. In doing so, we confront the complexities of the human experience, exploring the intricate tapestry woven by our emotions, desires, and fears.

Through her art, Gigi Mills invites us on a journey beyond the superficial, encouraging us to explore the depths of our own existence. She challenges us to question our assumptions, to confront our vulnerabilities, and to embrace the often tumultuous nature of the human condition. In this exploration, we may find solace, empathy, and a renewed sense of connection with ourselves and the world around us.

So, in a world teeming with distractions and superficialities, Gigi Mills reminds us to look inward, to navigate the labyrinth of our own consciousness, and to embrace the powerful emotions that shape our lives. For it is within the depths of our own longings and loneliness that we may discover profound truths and connect with the essence of what it means to be human.