Q: Your artwork is known for its unique style and use of texture and color. What drives the use of these elements in your work?


A: My work is driven by an intuitive and subconscious processes. The use of color is one way to create a strong emotional response and has been a consistent factor in my work. My paintings have layers of under painting which are processed by the viewers emotions rather than eye.


Q: How do you choose your color palette?


A: I never choose a color palette when I am starting a painting.  Each painting has its own unique relationship with color. The colors arise organically, and sometimes out of frustration, as the painting takes shape. My work has multiple layers and shades of color that reflect the richness and depth of the natural world. Because of all of these layers of paint, the optimal way to view and display my work is when it is lit from above. In the home, I advise the use of a picture light so that the colors can be truly appreciated. 


Q: What inspires you?


A: I'm particularly drawn to the beauty in everyday life - moments that might seem mundane or ordinary.  I'm also fascinated by the human condition - the different emotions and experiences we all go through. Extraordinary everyday moments that I experience myself or witness are transposed through my own filtering system. Sometimes it is something desperately sad and difficult. Bringing out the beauty when at first glance it is not beautiful is a task that I give myself to honor those difficult situations and the people going through them. Everything is turned into beauty in some way in the end.


Q: How would you describe your artistic style? 


A: My work is a mix of expressionism and emotionalism drawn together in a painterly format. I love to paint people, but I’m not interested in literal depictions. Instead, I am always trying capture a feeling or emotion through color and composition. Others in the art world have described my work as memory work, an idea that surprised me and I find myself reflecting on.


Q: Many of your pieces have found their way into collectors’ homes. How do you feel when someone buys your art?


A: I don’t keep any of my own work.  I have no interest in keeping my paintings because I experience a release and feeling of freedom when the piece is gone.  I am happy when my paintings are sold because it frees me for the next creative discovery.