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                                                                            Gaspard Cabanes

Gaspard Cabanes was born and raised in the South of France. As a toddler he would carry around a hammer and nail down everything that he could find around the farm. The creative seed of craftsmanship were sown. At the age of nine he moved to Aix en Provence where he found inspiration and intrigue in the refinement of city life. At the age of thirteen he found a notebook which he used to ‘design’ furniture. Fascinated by the manipulation of simple forms in drawing, he allowed his imagination to fly. In 1994, Gaspard left his homeland to come study jazz piano at he College of Santa Fe where he immersed himself in a community of artists. Rejecting norms and traditions, he later started to build his own unorthodox musical instruments, investigating a variety of materials. These instruments were soon all made out of steel,  a medium with which he resonated. An array of sound sculptures were developed and with them the challenge of creative esthetically beautiful yet functional pieces flourished.

In a further search for the perfect balance between form and function, in 2004 Gaspard collaborated with artist and musician Alex Ferris, to create an orchestra of instruments made from found steel objects. From this process he returns to his childhood dream of creating exquisite and unusual work for the functional art for the home.

Gaspard Cabanes’ unique furniture is born out of a constant search to marry expert craftsmanship with finding beauty in the most simple of forms and materials.

Gaspard strives to go back to a more handmade approach, emphasizing a minimalistic straight line aesthetic, in a contrast to a mass produced curvilinear trend. His cross-cultural vision and industrial background inspire his truly unique home furnishings. Dwelling in his own inspirations, drawings, and process, he creates one of a kind and l limited edition pieces of art furniture.

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