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                                                                            Josephine Adams

  Josephine Adams combines the clean line of her formal training as a MFA graduate from Rutgers University - Mason Gross School of the Arts with potent, unpretentious style. Her forceful linear ability allows the paint to operate within that line. Color and strong totemic elements provide the viewer with a window into the passion of a painter who despite many years at the easel operates in a style that is fresh, imaginative, and contextually strong.

  “I started painting in 9th grade. Mostly on the front of canvas binders, moved on to the dump in downtown L.A. to salvage old doors. This led to my first triptych. At the moment I'm working stretched canvas with resources that light my imagination, charcoal, oil, gold leaf paint. I love a blank canvas like life itself. Every painting is an adventure, a flight. “
- Josephine Adams

MFA Mason  Gross School of Fine Arts, Rutgers University

Selected Collections:
Mike Brown, Los Angeles, CA
Glen Campbell, Phoenix, AZ
Don Evans, Denver, CO
Clarke Fine, Denver, CO
Paul Richard, Santa Fe, NM
Ann Rossider, Lake Forrest, IL
Valerie Rumsfeld, Santa Fe, NM
Stanley Schneider, Los Angeles, CA
Sid Bryant, Madrid, NM
Vicki Johnson, Denver, CO
Janet Patrick, Santa Fe, NM

Group Exhibitions:
2000 Women’s Space, Los Angeles, CA
2001 Galeria Temporal, Santa Fe, NM
2002-03 Judish Fine Arts, Denver, CO
2010- “Slant” GF Contemporary, Santa Fe NM
2010– Holiday show GF Contemporary Santa Fe, NM



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