“With the themes of consumption and destruction as his cornerstones, Porter works

with a unique vocabulary of emotionally loaded objects like lollipops, sex toys, digestive

organs, and cancerous growths, as well as a whole pantheon of cartoonish beasts.  Presenting

these in a style that combines meticulously crafted graphite drawings with brilliant bursts

of color and mixed-media sculptural elements, he seamlessly conflates contradictory symbols

into a single visual language.  And it’s this fusion that gives his work its power: it reveals the

hopeless entanglement between our basest desires and purest aspirations.”  –Marin Sardy

“Porter told me once that he would attempt to stay awake for seven consecutive

days, despite the inevitable psychic anguish, if doing so would promise that he would then live

forever (as in the Epic of Gilgamesh).  I suppose the artist’s obsession with living has to do with

losing his mother, who was an important figure for Porter.  Reflecting on his latest body of

work, I question if immortality might finally satisfy the artist’s desires.”  –Katy Corker

"Porter is known for using a convincing mixture of realism and grotesquery to delve deep into the human psyche and to critique social conventions. His pieces are often populated with visceral images of animal and human bodies – as well as the bodies of invented creatures – and are often self-referential or autobiographical. In his most recent and ongoing series of drawings, Bronc Riders, Porter uses the image of the horse and the rider a metaphor for the turmoil of a romantic relationship. Situated in an arena of white paper, each pair is seen in the midst of a wild ride, playing out the struggle for dominance, equilibrium, or defeat. The cowboy and his horse, while usually seen as icons of western toughness and independence, are associated in these drawings with difficulty, loss, and particularly the heartbreak that has long been the mainstay of country music. Porter has exhibited his work at William Shearburn Gallery, LaunchProjects, and 516 Arts, among other venues. He was featured in the solo exhibition Noxious Empire at the Center for Contemporary Art in 2008 and his work was selected by the SITE Santa Fe Young Curators for a two-person exhibition in 2000. The artist graduated from the College of Santa Fe with a BFA in Mixed Media in 2003." --Kate Ware, New Mexico Museum of Art