Eric Reinemann was born in Albany, NY in 1978. At the age of twenty a series of powerful events led him to search for a deeper, more personal understanding of life. After earning an MFA from the University of Oregon in 2003 Reinemann’s work has slowly moved from a perceptual based study into a dimensional abstraction. Eric currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His works are in private and university collections across the country.
“My process is simple yet idiosyncratic. I need the analytically study of the physical world to make abstract paintings expressive of my lived experience. Basically, it’s a process of transformation. Perceptual drawing is the core of my work. To draw responsively from life requires dealing with movement. Drawing movement means overlapping information, doing this creates a unique space within and around recognizable forms; giving new visual meaning to what has been observed. This process of drawing is a means of giving myself over to the moment. It is the truest way I can connect to the outside world. I use my studies to build my paintings; the lines and passageways I find in the physical world become the architecture for an internal expression. I begin my paintings by drawing from my studies directly on the blank panels. After there is some kind of organization of linear energy I begin working with color. Colors are remade and lines redrawn, throughout the process visual structure is destroyed and rebuilt. In order for the painting to succeed I have to be engaged enough so as to allow myself to get lost in the woven network of information. Each decision is based on the response to the dynamics of the composition. It becomes an intuitive editing process which continues until the painting snaps. There is always a conclusion mark, a definitive end to each painting. Once the group of works is complete I go back out in the world, to a new spot, gather studies of people and space, and head back to the studio to begin a new series. My work is fed from my experience in life; physically from what I see, psychologically from my relationships with people, and spiritually from the unique encounters I have while exploring the woods. The world is mysterious and offers no definitive answer to anything. There are always variables, always different ways to pull meaning out of what just happened. I hope that these paintings may be able to return that beauty to the world, offering viewers a a chance to spark their imaginations and contemplate what they are experiencing.” – Eric Reinemann